Thursday, September 6, 2012

Quick cheat sheet for being able to read most premem cards!

This is just a small cheat-sheet for those who want to learn prememo, but don't feel they have a good enough grip on Japanese. Obviously this takes a basic reading/grammar level to understand because I'm explaining the terms here with how they relate to the game, not actual Japanese grammer, though obviously they can all be applied to real Japanese grammar.

Anyways, if you have any questions about a specific term that's not listed here on this post, then feel free to post in the comments and I'll add that term to this post! Hit the jump to view the cheat sheet! 登場 (とうじょう)– come into play (from your hand by paying it’s cost)
退場 (たいじょう)– leave play/get trashed (from losing in battle)
アプローチ – to attack/approach
妨害 (ぼうがい) – to block
手札 (てふだ)- hand
山札 (やまふだ) – deck
捨て置き場 (すておきば) – trash pile
ポイント置き場 (ぽいんとおきば) – point pile
~枚 (~まい) - ~cards (for example 2枚 = 2 cards)
カード1枚を引く (カードいちまいをひく) - to draw 1 card
捨てにする (すてにする)- to trash, whether it’s from your hand, or a character in play. アプローチ/妨害に参加する場合 (さんかするばあい)– If (your character/one of your characters) participates in attacking/blocking.
場に出す (ばにだす)– To be put into play (without paying it’s actual cost)
手札に加える (てふだにくわえる) – To put into your hand
休息状態 (きゅうそくじょうたい) - tapped/in “rest” state
活動状態 (かつどうじょうたい) – untapped, in “ready to move” state
ターン終了時 (ターンしゅうりょうじ)– end of the turn
~を得る (~をえる) – to give ~ (for example +10/+10を得る – give +10/+10, or アクティブを得る, to give a character active)
自分の~ (じぶんの) - your own ~
相手の~ (あいての) – The opponent’s ~
AをBに~戻す (もどす) – to return A to B (for example, 捨て置き場にあるキャラ1枚を自分の手札に戻すことができる – You can return a character from your trash pile to your hand)
~する場合, A (するばあい) – if this turn in the event of ~, then A
~するごとに,A – Anytime ~ happens (can be multiple times in one turn, for example 自分のキャラが登場するごとにこのキャラがターン終了時まで+10/+10を得る – Whenever you play a character, this character gets +10/+10 until the end of the turn)
天然 (てんねん) – The ability that means when this character attacks, characters with cost ~ or less can’t block it. So a tennen 2 character can’t be blocked by characters 2 source or less.
全ての~ (すべての) – all of your ~
次 (つぎ) – next
以上 (いじょう) – equal to or more than
以下 (いか) – equal to or less than
発生コスト (はっせいコスト) – source (example, このカードは、「高坂 桐乃」のコストとして使用する場合、発生コスト+2を得る – When this card is used to pay for a “Takasaka Kirino”’s cost, it gets source +2)
使用コスト (しようコスト) - Cost (example :自分のキャラ1枚は、このターン、使用コストの値が4以上のキャラには妨害されない。 One of your characters this turn can’t be blocked by characters who have a cost of 4 or more)
使用条件 (しようじょうけん) - requirement for using (for example, 4 or more characters, etc)

When a card can be played:
メイン – Main
アプローチ – approach
自分 – your turn
相手 – opponent’s turn
両方 – both/either turn
割り込み – as an interruption (only used for countering characters/events etc)
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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What would you like to see?

Hey guys, just a quick question for anyone reading this! What would you like to see in this blog?
I love responding to comments, and I constantly play the game, but I don't know anything about what the readers actually want to read. There's already the singapore blog doing translations: so aside from direct translations of sets, what would you like to see? I tried doing a variety of posts, but I'm not sure if anyone even read anything. If anyone has any comments or suggestions as to what to do, just let me know! Whether it's take pictures of my collections, post my decklists, etc. I'm willing to give tips and help people out with any questions, but if you have any suggestions, please let me know! Thanks!


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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Tourney log

So as some people may know, I go to tournaments here in Kansai. A while back, I won a tournament that allowed me to qualify for playing in the national tournament qualifiers. You can choose which national tournament qualifier to go to. I chose the Kobe location, as it's the closest location to me. In addition, it's also one of the later qualifiers. I figured that the later ones would give me more time to polish up my deck. The deck I'm going to be entering with is a deck I call "legit stuff". Here's a small explanation of the deck:

Legit stuff uses "Kashi Sakuseichuu" (0/1 blue event: main/jibun - tap a mio, draw 2 cards) with Suitcase Mio (2/2 blue 10/10, comes into play with a coin, you can remove the coin to draw a card), 2nd in play Mio (2/2 blue 20/20, if it's the 2nd character in play on your side, draw a card), and Chibi Mio (2/2 10/20, gets +20/+20 if you have 4 or more cards in your hand). This allows me to get cards quickly. I also use the infamous Sawako/backstage pass combo to get an extra card each turn. (sawako - 1/2 blue 10/10, tap and move it to the support area, draw a card) (backstage pass - 0/2 yellow support, can only be put on an ongaku character, once a turn you can move a character to or from the support area)

I also run many active cards in the deck, as they often allow me to get that last attack in to finish off the opponent. The main card I use is 3/2 Yellow 40/20 active Kirino. The thing about that card is that it's passive ability is "Whenever you play a character, you can untap a character". This has many useful properties. It can allow Dartania (70/50) to attack the turn it comes into play when you use Yoshihiko to put her into play (4/2 blue support character. When he comes into play, search your deck for a dartania, and put her into play tapped). The Dartania is a 5/2 40/40 that has two abilities. First "If she was put into play because of Yoshihiko's effect, put a +10/+10 coin on her. If Yoshihiko is in play, she gets +20/+0". Essentially, for 4 cost, you get a 70/50, and 2 characters. However, the downside is that if she dies, you won't be able to get her back as a 70/50. In addition, if you don't have any in your deck (for example, you draw both at the beginning of the game), then you can't put her into play. However, because she's "put into play", she doesn't suffer from summoning sickness, which means she can attack, but since she's tapped, she can't attack. However, if you use Kirino's power, you can untap her and attack with her the turn you play her out.

The deck has a few other cards that are power hitters. There's the 4/2 starter deck sayaka, active and becomes a 60/50, but doesn't untap the next turn. However, that just makes Kirino all the more useful. There's also the 4/1 active Sayaka, where you can discard an event if it dies to make it come into play able to attack again. In addition, the 4/1 Kirino, active and taps an opponent when it comes into play is also inserted in the deck. There's a couple smaller characters that are strong too, such as chibi Yui (red 2/2 20/10, gets +20/+20 if you have 5 or more characters), and Godzusa (2/2 Yellow Azusa, you can show the top card of your deck, if its an event, it gets +30/+30).

For defense, I run 2 30/0 3/1 red "can't die the turn it comes out" meme, 3 2/2 green Kyosuke "When it comes into play, pick one of the opponent's characters, that character can't attack this turn", and 4/1 active play anytime Ritsu (which can also be used for offense). Combine these with Kirino's ability to untap characters, and you can stop many assaults the opponent does.

The events I run are:
3 Cherrio - -10/-10 to a blocking character - For offensive purposes
2 ano hito wa - 0/2 red +10/+10 to one of my characters during either approach, but only if there are 6 points or more out on the field
4 katatsumuri - 2/2 yellow, either approach, move one of the opponents characters to the support area, and at the end of the turn, they can move it back.
2 ohimesama - 0/2 red, either main phase, i can tap a character and put a character from my trash pile into my hand.
4 Hanami - if you have 4 or more characters, draw a card now, and at the end of turn

Support characters
0/1 nadeko - get any event back (a staple for just about any deck)
0/1 nurse - tap to give a seifuku character +0/+10
0/1 kirino - pay 2, look at the top 3 cards, put them back in any order, draw a card.
0/2 Jun - main/both - tap -> look at the top card, put it on the top or bottom (useful against cards that put tapped characters back in your hand)

So what I try to do with the deck is to get many cards early using things like Mio draw power, sawako, and hanami. Then I play out the 70/50, the active kirino, and maybe one other card, and I attack the opponent. Once they're at 4-5 points, if I have a full board, I can go for the one shot kill by saving up my katatsumuris and attacking with 5 characters with them unable to block.

Weaknesses - Oreimo decks are sometimes hard to deal with because of all the quick 30AP characters. One event that gives one of them +20/+0 or something and that could be the end of any of my big characters. In addition, with Oreimo always having cards and always getting a ton of characters, I found it difficult to deal with the huge amount of characters to get points. I inserted Meme into this deck specifically to combat Oreimo, and so far it's been going very well. Aside from that, I feel as though this deck does pretty well against many other decks, specifically deck death. I inserted one 4/2 Madoka (40/40 untap everyone when it comes into play, and once during either players turn, i can remove a card in their trash pile from the game) This helps against Oreimo in a way because they can't keep getting 3 source kirino back, because I remove it from the game if it ever touches the trash pile. In addition, i can buy myself time against deck death by removing the 1/2 30/0 hitagi "if a hitagi attacks, trash 2 cards of the opp deck" from the game, since the red 4/1 kanbaru/hitagi combi copies a power from a character in the trash pile. This has allowed me to win quite a few games against the new Bakemono deck death.

10/8 - gunslinger
The 8th was one of the first of the national qualifiers tournaments in Japan. It took place in Osaka, so I decided to go, as they have a gunslinger tournament for anyone not in the National Qualifier tournament. A gunslinger is basically, you get in a line, play someone, you get a stamp if you win or lose, then get in either the winners or losers line and repeat until time is up. If you get 7 wins, you get these special madoka sleeves. I had 4 hours to do it, and I figured I shouldn't have a problem.

I ended up going 7-1, and with the only loss being when the guy attacked with everything and only getting through by 1 point, even tho I had a kyosuke in my hand (i just didnt have any other cards that could play it out). No biggie. It was about 2:15 at that point. I decided to do another round and to just use my nadeko deck, which is based around the 4/1 SR which adds a source to each bakemono character. I ended up winning 5 of the 7 matches i played before time ran out and it ended.

10/9 -
The next day, I ended up playing in a tournament with only 6 people in it. However, 4 of them ended up being qualifiers for the national tournament. First round I played against a guy running hitagi deck death, and i beat him because he didnt have any more "you cant attack" events and so i just launched an all out attack and killed him. 2nd round I played against a guy who lost first round, and was using a mostly madoka uniform deck. He was still a beginner, but wasn't too bad, but didn't really stand too much of a chance. The finals was against a guy we call "funk man", and he was also running hitagi deck death. I got down to 3 cards left in my library, he stopped 4 of my guys from attacking (had to tap one of his front guys to do it tho). I tapped one of the mios that he stopped from attacking to draw 2 cards with kashi, used a himesama to get back tap active kirino, and then used katatsumuri twice to moev his remaining two characters back. That in addition to my tobi-ritsu was enough to take him out, with exactly 1 card left in my library. I went 3-0, and won the tournament.

10/16 - win at yellow sub
First, I played and beat a cosplay deck. 2nd, I played against a guy who was running a one shot deck. He got me down to 5 points or so, had all his guys untapped with just one point left. I played a couple active guys, and then attacked with everything, then attacked with tobi-ritsu and hit him for 6 points in one turn, ending the game at turn 2. I played against a hitagi deck death deck, and ended up winning because the other guy couldnt really draw anything, and i just overwhelmed him. Again going 3-0 and winning the tournament.

10/17 - 2/2 at big magic
I end up beating a hitagi deck death with 1 card left in my library again 1st round. 2nd round, i play against another hitagi deck death and end up losing to it finally (no draw cards, so i was too slow). I play against the same one shot deck as last time and end up barely losing. Then I play another hitagi deck death and beat it, thus going 2-2.

11/3 - Nagoya premem gunslinger
I use legit stuff and win 2 in a row, beating oreimo and a working!! deck. I play a game of singles using my oreimo deck, beating a different oreimo deck, going 3-0. I end up winning 4 in a row with legit stuff and go 7-0, thus ensuring my madoka sleeves. I play my tennen deck after that, which goes up against two guys both playing the same mio engine + 5/2 70/50. I lose because i can't beat 5 cost. I play a few other decks and end up beating them all. Overall a very good day, especially for legit stuff.

Since the new hidamari AND madoka special pack sets come out on 11/11, and the tourney is 11/12, i have exactly 1 day to look through all the new cards and see if i want to change my deck around. It's a bit stressful because obviously my deck is good, but if it could be improved, I would like a bit of time to test it and mess around before adding/removing stuff. Oh well. Hopefully there'll be something to help against deck death and oreimo, haha.
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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Working!! SR impressions!

So it's 9/30 here in Japan! Working!! just came out (along with the bakemono special pack). From my first look at the set, here's a small review of the SRs that the set has to offer, which I feel are very strong overall:
First, there's:

4/1 Red 40/40 Taneshima Popura & Inami Mahiru - If this card trashed an opponent's character during your approach this turn, you may untap it and attack one more time.

- First off, 4/1 40/40 is pretty good, but it's power means that you can't just toss a weak guy in front of it, because all it will do is kill the weak guy and let the 40/40 attack again. Most of the time, the opponent is better off just letting this card go through regardless of how the board looks.


Working!! - Red 4/2 event. Main/Jibun - Look at the top 10 cards of your deck. Put one "working" character into play. Give that character +20/+20 until end of turn.

- This allows you, for 4 cost, to get whatever working char you want in the top 10, and then attack with it that turn with a +20/+20 bonus. It's a 4/2 so having more than one or two in a deck is fine because it can still act as source if you already have the characters you need. But getting a possible good 4 cost char, with active and a +20/+20 bonus essentially, for free, is very strong, imo.

"Red 4/1 40/30 Inami Mahiru - If this character hits the opponent for a point, you can trash one of their 2 cost characters.
[1] Approach/Jibun - Trash one 2 cost or less character that's blocking this character.

- This is very good against 2 cost characters, such as bucho, chibi anything, etc. Also against deck out where the opponent just blocks with a 30/0 ayase or something. If you can keep it alive, this card is great against decks heavy in 2 cost guys.

Red 4/1 40/30 Inami Mahiru - If this character hits the opponent for a point, draw a card. If this characters trashes one of the opponent's character's during your attack, the opponent must discard a card.

- Unless the opponent has something that will kill this and stay alive, it's kind of a "damned if you do, damned if you don't" scenario. If you let it through, they get a card. If you toss a weak guy in front of it, you lose a card. Not bad, Mahiru...

Yellow 3/2 Yamada Aoi 30/30 - When this card comes into play, make one character a 0/0 until the end of the turn.
[0] Main/jibun - Make this character's AP/DP the same as one of your other "WORKING!!" characters until the end of the turn.

- The first power is interesting, it can take an opponent's big character and make it downright pitiful. The second one is the same as Christmas Ume-sensei, making potential for this character decent, especially if you can pump up your characters before you attack. As a 3/2, you're not hurting for source by putting multiple ones in your deck.

Red 3/2 30/30 Taneshima Popura - This character cannot be blocked by 4 cost characters and up. When this character attacks, you may give one of your opponent's characters cost +2 until the end of the turn

- This card is interesting. However, in the current metagame, with Oreimo being very strong, and Meme existing, I think this card won't work all too well. The format just has too many strong 3 cost characters that even giving one of them cost +2 won't really allow popura to go through unharmed. She doesn't even have tennen 2, which means that even kyosuke could block her without really causing much of a loss to the popura player. But maybe there will be some really cool combo that makes this much better than it looks!

Green 4/2 30/40 Mori Yachiyo - The next "wagnaria" character you play this turn gets cost -2. If you play a "wagnaria" character, give one of your "wagnaria" characters +0/+10 until the end of the turn

- Wow, so not only do you get to make the next wagnaria character you play cost 2 less, you also get the passive ability that will pump up your guys (and most definitely help out when using some of the above cards) It's also 2 source and a 30/40 to boot! This card will be seen a lot in tournament play with working!! decks, I think!

I'm running low on time, and the other two SRs are so-so at BEST, so I think I'll wait until later. Hopefully you enjoyed this short introduction of the SRs of "working!!" It looks like it might be a really fun set!
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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New Banned Cards! Some thoughts on the current metagame.

The list of the new banned cards starting on October 1st is posted over at the very very awesome PreMem in SG site:

Since there's no need to post the exact same thing twice, I feel like I'll use this post to discuss the current metagame, what decks are strong, and what i feel ACTUALLY needs to be banned.
First, there are currently two formats of tournaments. There's mixed, which allows you to use every card except the (now) 7 banned cands. Then there's single format, which means that your deck can only consist of cards from a single set (or related sets, such as k-on!, and k-on!! both being part of the same set)

For mixed, the popular types of decks are:
Oreimo beatdown - This deck utilizes the 3 source Kirino to get a lot of characters out quickly without decreasing your hand size. Using the two 3/1 Kirino/Ayase conbis, one which allows you to bring the same 3 source kirino you used to pay back in your hand, and the other that allows you to look at the top 7 cards and pull out any event and add it to your hand, means you can almost always guarantee a full board. Then, utilizing the green 0/1 Oreimo event that allows you to get two of the same type of character from the top 7 as long as you already have 4 oreimo characters means that you will always have the cards you need. Add in some very strong 40/40 kirino combis, plus the 5/1 60/50 active Kirino, and you have a scary deck. The defense is quite strong as well with the 2/2 play anytime Kyosuke that prevents one of the opponent's characters from attacking. Combined with the 3/2 40/20
active kirino that untaps one of your characters whenever you play a character, and your opponent will have a hard time hitting you for points while being able to survive your offense.

Deck Death - There's all sorts of different decks that use deck death. With the recent bannage of rotenburo, deck death may be a little weaker, however, in the new bakemono set, the 0/1 "trash 3 cards from the opponent's deck" will be even stronger than rotenburo was, in my opinion. Generally, though, the deck revolves around using 0/1 Homura (when the opp plays a character, return it to your hand, and put a card from your hand on top of your deck), and then using Kyoken (comes into play if put on the point pile when hit for a point) so you have a really hard time getting points. Combined with the other Homura that says "only 4 characters can attack each turn", and using Ayase to slowly rid the opponent of 3 cards, it's very hard to beat, even with an army of strong characters. Obviously there's variations of deck death, but generally, they involve homura/kyoken.

Blue Beatdown - This generally involves getting cards quickly using Mio and Kashi Sakuseichuu (tap a mio and draw 2), and then playing out the blue 4/2 support dude from samurai girls and pulling out the 5/2 Dartanian. The 5/2 says that if she was pulled out from the dude's effect, that she gets a +10/+10 coin, and if he's in play (which he will be if he was used to play her out), then she gets +20/+0 constantly. Essentially, she's a 70/50 for a 4/2. The strong point about both of the cards is that they're blue (same color as Mio, 1/2 draw sawako, ayase, any many other strong cards) and 2 source. If they were all 1 source, then having extras would be too hard to play out.

Obviously there's other strong cards in the format too, such as 4/1 active Sayaka, which allows you to discard an event and put it back into play (ready to attack again) if it dies. However, these three types of decks are generally what is shown the most.

Of these, Oreimo beatdown is probably used the most. It's a very easy deck to use, and a very easy deck to play. With the 3 source, you don't have to put much thought into what you're going to discard for your characters, and with a constant flow of cards, it's hard to find yourself in a bad spot. A very popular deck indeed, however, I feel like the 3 source kirino really is the cause of all the problems. It's not just that she's 3 source, it's that there's so many good 3 source kirinos. Many have active, many give you cards back (essnetially letting you get a 30/20 or a 30/30 out in play for free), as well as being one of the few cards that lets you play out a 5 cost character for only 2 cards. Kirino's 5 source card is also crazy good. If you have a support character, it's a 60/50 active that makes one of the opponent's characters unable to block. With the speed of the oreimo deck, getting out 3 guys, and then playing the 5/1 on turn 2 and approaching with everything isn't a long shot.

Obviously, if Oreimo is this strong in mixed, it completely dominates in single format. Many decks require the hidamari card "Hanami" for speed, but oreimo's speed is unmatched, even without the help of hanami.

While I do have an Oreimo beatdown deck myself, I really feel as though too many people use Oreimo to the point that there's not as much variety in decks as there used to be. I'm not about banning cards just because they're good, but I do feel like they really made it far too easy for oreimo to get an advantage by being able to play out 3 cost characters not only for one card, but being able to get another card back for it. Something that would solve the oreimo problem would literally be to restrict the usage of the 3 source kirino. That would mean that while you would still get a card back for the 3/1 kirino/ayase combi, you would still have to use 2 cards to play it out. The 5/1 would be harder to get out (as it should be), and it wouldn't be able to get such an early lead way too quickly for any other deck to deal with.

It's not that I think all 3 source cards are unfair. Madoka's 3 source Kyoko SR allows you to get out a few 3 cost kyokos, but with the disadvantage that they're all 40/10 or 40/20. In other words, they die very easily. The 3 source Hanekawa for megane characters actually made the megane deck into a deck that was playable and winnable in an otherwise bucho-dominated format. It's not just the fact that Kirino's 3 source card gives 3 source, it's that combined with the 3 cost kirino characters (and the 5 cost), it's just far too strong and allows for brainless playing that nets far too big of an advantage for most other decks to keep up with.

Another deck that I feel is too strong is the deck death type. I understand that staying alive while fending off the opponent is difficult, but I feel like kyoken makes it far too easy. Not only does he not count as a point, but he also comes into play for free. So just by being on the top of the deck, he prevents 2 attacks, potentially. Thanks to the homura, even if the opponent just passes and doesn't attack, the second that a character is played on your side, homura goes back in the opponent's hand, they draw a card, and put kyoken on top. As a 30/10, he dies very easily. Not only that, but he can take out a decent attacker as well. Before Ayase and the new bakemono card, deck death relied on rotenburo and recycling their own deck, but with the inability to take more than a couple points off of the opponent thanks to kyoken and homura, I feel like theres very little risk in playing a deck death deck.
So the cards that I would like to see restricted in mixed and single format:

(Yellow 1/1 20/10 Kousaka Kirino - If used to play a "Kousaka Kirino" card, add 2 source - uniform/otaku)
The cards that I would like to see restricted in mixed:

(Green 3/1 30/10 Maniwa Kyoken - If put onto the point pile when hit for a point, you may put Kyoken directly into play instead. Maniwa troops/Ninja)

(Blue 0/1 Akemi Homura - When the opponent plays a character, return this to your hand, draw a card, and take one card from your hand and put it on thetop or bottom of your deck)

Please post your opinions in the comments! Do you agree? Disagree? What cards do you think should be banned, and why? Do you disagree with some of the current cards that are banned? Please post up!
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Sunday, August 21, 2011

K-ON! Part 1 Starter deck list + full translation!

Ok, this is my translation of the cards of the k-on starter deck! There’s a lot of cards with no abilities, so I’ll just write “vanilla X/X” to keep it simple. Here’s the deck list!

1 01-006 Hirasawa Yui red 0/1 vanilla 10/10 (uniform)
1 01-031 Akiyama Mio blue 0/1 vanilla 10/10 (uniform)
1 01-055 Tainaka Ritsu yellow 0/1 vanilla 10/10 (uniform)
1 01-078 Kotobuki Tsumugi green 0/1 vanilla 10/10 (uniform, princess)
1 01-068 Yamanaka Sawako yellow 0/1 “When this character comes into play, if you have a character with “uniform” in play, draw one card” (teacher, glasses)
1 01-008 Manabe Nodoka red 0/1 “tap (main/jibun): give one of your “music+uniform” characters +10/+0 until the end of the turn” (uniform/glasses)
1 01-070 Hirasawa Ui yellow 0/1 “tap (main/jibun): “give one of your “Hirasawa Yui”s +10/+0 until the end of the turn” (apron)
1 01-005 Hirasawa Yui red 1/2 vanilla 10/20 (uniform)
1 01-030 Akiyama Mio blue 1/2 vanilla 10/20 (uniform)
1 01-054 Tainaka Ritsu yellow 1/2 vanilla 20/10 (uniform)
1 01-079 Kotobuki Tsumugi green 1/2 vanilla 10/20 (uniform, princess)
1 01-007 Nakano Azusa red 1/2 vanilla 20/10 (uniform)
1 01-027 Akiyama Mio blue 2/2 vanilla 20/20 (music, uniform)
1 01-077 Kotobuki Tsumigi green 2/2 vanilla 20/20 (music, uniform, princess)
1 01-029 Nakano Azusa blue 2/2 vanilla 20/20 (music, uniform)
1 01-092 Yamanaka Sawako green 2/2 vanilla 20/20 (teacher, glasses)
1 01-033 Manabe Nodoka blue 2/2 vanilla 20/20 (uniform, glasses)
1 01-052 Tainaka Ritsu yellow 2/2 vanilla 20/20 (music, uniform)
1 01-002 Hirasawa Yui red 2/2 vanilla 20/20 (music, uniform)
1 01-009 Hirasawa Ui red 2/2 vanilla 20/20 (uniform)
2 01-060 Akiyama Mio yellow 2/2 20/10 “When this character comes into play, you may take a “Nekomimi” card in your trash pile and attach it to this character” (uniform, nekomimi)
2 01-061 Tainaka Ritsu yellow 2/2 20/10 “tap (main/jibun): give one of your “Nekomimi” characters Active until the end of the turn” (uniform, nekomimi)
2 01-059 Hirasawa Yui yellow 2/2 20/20 “If you play a “Nakano Azusa” this turn, you may search your deck for a “Nekomimi” card, reveal it, and then put it in your hand” (uniform, nekomimi)
2 01-063 Nakano Azusa yellow 2/2 20/20 “”Nekomimi” support cards in your hand have a cost of -1” (uniform, nekomimi)
2 01-004 Hirasawa Yui red 2/2 20/20 “If you attach a “Gii-ta” to this character, then draw a card” (uniform)
1 01-097 Tainaka Ritsu green 2/2 20/20 “When this character comes into play, give one of the opponent’s characters -10/-10 until the end of the turn” (none)
1 01-091 Kotobuki Tsumugi green 2/2 10/20 “When this character comes into play, give two of your characters +10/+10 until the end of the turn” (princess)
1 01-075 Nakano Azusa yellow 2/2 20/20 “When this character comes into play, take one of the cards in your point pile, put it into your hand, and then take one card from your hand and put it face down in your point pile” (none)
1 01-046 Akiyama Mio blue 3/2 vanilla 30/30 (none)
1 01-066 Kotobuki Tsumigi yellow 3/2 vanilla 30/30 (cosplay, bunny, princess)
1 01-098 Nakano Azusa green 3/2 vanilla 30/30 (none)
1 01-074 Tainaka Ritsu yellow 3/2 vanilla 30/30 (none)
1 01-093 Hirasawa Yui green 3/2 vanilla 30/30 (none)
1 01-001 Hirasawa Yui red 4/1 vanilla 40/40 (music, uniform)
1 01-025 Akiyama Mio blue 4/1 vanilla 40/40 (music, uniform)
1 01-051 Tainaka Ritsu yellow 4/1 vanilla 40/40 (music, uniform)
1 01-076 Kotobuki Tsumigi green 4/1 vanilla 40/40 (music, uniform, princess)
1 01-028 Nakano Azusa blue 4/1 vanilla 40/40 (music, uniform)

Event cards:
1 01-137 “Resort kibun (resort feeling)” blue 5/1 BREAK! main/jibun: draw 3 cards
1 01-148 “Genkotsu (fist)” yellow 5/1 BREAK! Main/jibun: tap one of the opponent’s characters
1 01-132 “Sawachan no sennou (Sawachan’s brainwashing)” 3/1 blue Requirement: Yamanaka Sawako. Main/Jibun: Return one of the opponent’s characters to their hand. Afterwards, they can put one character from their hand into play tapped.
1 01-166 “Kaze (cold)” green 0/1 approach/opponent: give one of your opponent’s characters -0/-10 until the end of the turn.
1 01-114 “Sakura kou keion bu (Sakura High K-ON club)” red 5/1 requirement : (one of each of the 5 k-on girls) main/jibun: hit the opponent for a point
2 01-068 “buin boushuuchuu (In search of club members)” green 1/2 main/jibun: search your deck for any “Music/uniform” character, reveal it, and put it in your hand. Then, shuffle your deck.
1 01-102 “gakki (musical instrument)” red 1/1 main/jibun: Search your deck for a support card, reveal it, and put it in your hand. Then, shuffle your deck.
1 01-167 Yatsuatari (outburst of anger) 1/1 green main/jibun: trash one support card in play.
2 01-121 “Rotenburo (open air bath) 0/1 blue main/jibun: both players draw 2 cards.
2 01-116 “Gekkouchuu (Dismissal time) 0/1 red approach/opponent: Give one your blocking characters +10/+10 until the end of the turn”
2 01-175 “Gii-ta” 0/2 red support: This can only be attached to a “Hirasawa Yui”. The attached character gets +10/+0.
2 01-176 “Nekomimi” 1/1 yellow support: If the character this is attached to is a “Nekomimi” character, then that character gets +10/+10, otherwise that character is now “Nekomimi” type.

So for the most part, many cards are very basic. The event cards will most likely take some getting used to, but it’s not too bad. For a starting deck, it’s very very easy, so I would 100% suggest to start at this starter if you want to learn the game! Enjoy!
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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

FAQ Part 4 - K-ON!!, Ookami-san, Ika Musume

This part of the FAQ covers K-ON!!, Ookami-san to shichinin no nakamatachi, and Shinryaku! Ika Musume!. Again, straight from the source:


Q: When you play 03-034 "Akiyama Mio" (Blue 1/2 character 10/20. When this character comes into play, look at the top 4 cards of your library. Take any "Kashi Sakuseichuu" cards and put them into your hand, and put the remaining cards on the bottom of your deck), how many Kashi Sakuseichuu cards can you take at once?
A: You can take up to 4. If 2 of the 4 are Kashi, then you can take both. If all 4 happen to be Kashi, then you can take all 4 and put them into your hand.

Q: If you have a 03-058 "Nakano Azusa" (Yellow 2/2 character 20/10. If this character has the highest cost of characters in your field, then this card gets +30/+30), and you have other 2 cost characters out, does the effect still work?
A: Yes, it does.

Q: If you play 03-120 "Obentou zukuri" (Making a boxed lunch) (Green 0/1 event. Main/Jibun: Put the top 2 cards from your deck into your trash pile. If the combined source of the two cards is 3 or less, the next character you play gets -2 cost. If the combined source of the two cards is 4, then the next character you play gets -4 cost.), can you use that to pay for a combi card? (For example, playing a 4/1 Yui/Mio combi for free without discarding a card)
A: Yes, you can.

Q: If my opponent attacks with a tennen 2 character, can I play "Jiki karuiongakubu bucho?" (The next K-ON club president?) (Yellow 0/2 event. Approach/both: One of your characters gets cost +2 until the end of the turn. Draw a card at the end of the turn) on one of my 2 cost characters and then block?
A: Yes, you can. You can play event cards both before and after blockers are chosen.

Q: Does the effect of 03-037 "Akiyama Mio" (blue 2/2 character 0/0. 1 (Main/Both): This character gets +10/+10 for each "megane" character you have on your field" effect last for the whole game?
A: No, it lasts until the end of the turn.

Q: If you play "matamata gakuensai!" (Let's do the gakuensai again!) (Red 4/1 event. Approach/Jibun: After this turn is over, take another turn starting at the approach phase), then do I get to draw a card and untap my characters?
A: No, you do not. You start at the approach phase and the 2nd turn is over when you finish the approach phase.

Q: If I play "Minna Kyousou dayo" (Yellow 1/1 event. Main/Jibun: Your opponent cannot block your characters this turn. when you you\hit the opponent for a point, instead draw a card.), do any "when your opponent gets hit for a point" effects go into play?
A: No, because you're drawing a card instead of hitting the opponent for a point, so none of those effects go through.

Q: If i have a 03-013"Hirasawa Yui & Nakano Azusa" combi card, and nothing else in my trash pile, what is the power of 03-013 "Hirasawa Yui & Nakano Azusa" (Red 4/1 character 0/0. This character gets +10/+0 for each "Hirasawa Yui" in your trash pile, and +0/+10 for each "Nakano Azusa" in your trash pile).
A: The combi counts as both a Hirasawa Yui and a Nakano Azusa, so it gets both of the bonus's, making it a 10/10.

Ookami san to shichinin no nakamatachi
Q: If I attack with a 01-045 "Majolica le Fay" (Green 3/1 character 30/0. When this character is approaching, it cannot be trashed."), and my opponent plays "Shouko Shashin" (Picture of evidence) (Blue 0/1 event. Approach/opponent: Pick one of the opponent's characters. That character cannot use their card ability until the end of the turn), will that cancel out Majolica's ability?
A: No, because you can only use it on active card texts, not passive card texts.

Shinryaku! Ika Musume

Q: If i play "Kami Drummer Geso!" (Godlike drummer-geso!) (Red 2/2 event. Main/Jibun: One of your "Ika Musume" characters gets +10/+10 and "Ongaku" until the end of the turn) on one of my Ika Musume characters, and then I play 02-124 "Backstage Pass" (This card can only be played on a character with "ongaku". Main/both: Move the character this is attached to and this card to either the main area, or the support area. You can only do this once per turn), will the Backstage Pass go away at the end of the turn once the Ika Musume card loses "Ongaku"?
A: No, it won't. It will remain on the Ika Musume.

Q: Can I use events/abilities that target an "Ika Musume" character on a "Mini Ika" or "Nise-Ika Musume" character?
A: No, you cannot. You can only use them on characters that say "Ika Musume".

Q: If i approach with 01-038 "Aizawa Takeru" (Red 3/2 character 30/20. When this character approaches, this card, and one of your "Ika Musume" cards each get +20/+20 until the end of the turn) that has a "Ika Musume no kaburimono (Ika Musume headpiece)" (Blue 1/2 support. The character that this is attached to counts as an "Ika Musume") attached to it, can I give Takeru +40/+40?
A: Yes, you can. Once for him, and once for the Ika Musume powerup (since the Ika Musume Kaburimono makes him count as an Ika Musume, too)
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