Thursday, September 29, 2011

Working!! SR impressions!

So it's 9/30 here in Japan! Working!! just came out (along with the bakemono special pack). From my first look at the set, here's a small review of the SRs that the set has to offer, which I feel are very strong overall:
First, there's:

4/1 Red 40/40 Taneshima Popura & Inami Mahiru - If this card trashed an opponent's character during your approach this turn, you may untap it and attack one more time.

- First off, 4/1 40/40 is pretty good, but it's power means that you can't just toss a weak guy in front of it, because all it will do is kill the weak guy and let the 40/40 attack again. Most of the time, the opponent is better off just letting this card go through regardless of how the board looks.


Working!! - Red 4/2 event. Main/Jibun - Look at the top 10 cards of your deck. Put one "working" character into play. Give that character +20/+20 until end of turn.

- This allows you, for 4 cost, to get whatever working char you want in the top 10, and then attack with it that turn with a +20/+20 bonus. It's a 4/2 so having more than one or two in a deck is fine because it can still act as source if you already have the characters you need. But getting a possible good 4 cost char, with active and a +20/+20 bonus essentially, for free, is very strong, imo.

"Red 4/1 40/30 Inami Mahiru - If this character hits the opponent for a point, you can trash one of their 2 cost characters.
[1] Approach/Jibun - Trash one 2 cost or less character that's blocking this character.

- This is very good against 2 cost characters, such as bucho, chibi anything, etc. Also against deck out where the opponent just blocks with a 30/0 ayase or something. If you can keep it alive, this card is great against decks heavy in 2 cost guys.

Red 4/1 40/30 Inami Mahiru - If this character hits the opponent for a point, draw a card. If this characters trashes one of the opponent's character's during your attack, the opponent must discard a card.

- Unless the opponent has something that will kill this and stay alive, it's kind of a "damned if you do, damned if you don't" scenario. If you let it through, they get a card. If you toss a weak guy in front of it, you lose a card. Not bad, Mahiru...

Yellow 3/2 Yamada Aoi 30/30 - When this card comes into play, make one character a 0/0 until the end of the turn.
[0] Main/jibun - Make this character's AP/DP the same as one of your other "WORKING!!" characters until the end of the turn.

- The first power is interesting, it can take an opponent's big character and make it downright pitiful. The second one is the same as Christmas Ume-sensei, making potential for this character decent, especially if you can pump up your characters before you attack. As a 3/2, you're not hurting for source by putting multiple ones in your deck.

Red 3/2 30/30 Taneshima Popura - This character cannot be blocked by 4 cost characters and up. When this character attacks, you may give one of your opponent's characters cost +2 until the end of the turn

- This card is interesting. However, in the current metagame, with Oreimo being very strong, and Meme existing, I think this card won't work all too well. The format just has too many strong 3 cost characters that even giving one of them cost +2 won't really allow popura to go through unharmed. She doesn't even have tennen 2, which means that even kyosuke could block her without really causing much of a loss to the popura player. But maybe there will be some really cool combo that makes this much better than it looks!

Green 4/2 30/40 Mori Yachiyo - The next "wagnaria" character you play this turn gets cost -2. If you play a "wagnaria" character, give one of your "wagnaria" characters +0/+10 until the end of the turn

- Wow, so not only do you get to make the next wagnaria character you play cost 2 less, you also get the passive ability that will pump up your guys (and most definitely help out when using some of the above cards) It's also 2 source and a 30/40 to boot! This card will be seen a lot in tournament play with working!! decks, I think!

I'm running low on time, and the other two SRs are so-so at BEST, so I think I'll wait until later. Hopefully you enjoyed this short introduction of the SRs of "working!!" It looks like it might be a really fun set!

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