Tuesday, June 28, 2011

First Banned Cards of PM!

There has been a recent ruling for PM tournaments come August 1st. The most important being the banning of 4 K-on! part 1 cards! Check out the notice here here:
New Regulations

Translation of the banned cards, and explanations why after the jump!
Translation of the banned cards:


Dadakko (spoiled child):
Red event 2/1: Main Jibun - Pick one of your characters. That character cannot be blocked by creatures that have cost less than the amount of cards you have in your hand

-Aside from tennen, this is the closest card to making one of your characters unblockable. There are also many "When this character hits the opponent for a point, then ~" characters, so having dadakko used with those characters, especially in decks that are very draw heavy, was apparently seen as just too powerful.

The next 3 cards are banned to prevent infinite loop deck death decks from overtaking tournaments:

present koukan (Present Exchange)
Blue 0/1 event, main/Jibun - Shuffle your hand into your deck and draw that many cards.

"hatsumoude" (First Shrine visit of the new year)
Blue 0/1 event, main/Jibun - Both players take as many cards from their hand and put them on the bottom of their decks. They then draw that many cards.

"hitori bocchi" (All Alone)
Blue 3/1 event, main/Jibun - Pick one character. trash every character except that one, and draw 1 card for each character trashed this way.

The way that the infinite combo works is to have this setup:

02-081 Akiyama Mio (green 2/2 character 10/20. Main/both - [1] - Take a card from your hand and add it to the point pile face up. All characters you control untap.)
You use Mio and put this Sae in your point pile:

blue 2/2 character 10/10. When this card is in your point pile, it gives +1 source if you flip this over.
Because of that Sae, you can play the above mentioned "hitori bocchi"(all alone) by just flipping over this one card, since she gives 3 blue source instead of just 2 when she's on the point pile.

You then play the following characters:

Togame - red 0/1 character 20/30 - When this comes into play, the opponent draws a card.
- This is how you deck the opponent out.

Sengoku Nadeko - green 0/1 support character - When this comes into play, take an event card from your trash pile and put it in your hand.
- You use Nadeko and get "hitori bocchi" (all alone) back in your hand.

Yasuri Nanami - green 0/1 support character - tap two of your untapped characters in the main area. Take one face down card in your point pile, and flip it face up.
- This is how you can keep paying for the 3 cost hitori bocchi over and over again.

Araragi Koyomi - green 1/2 character 10/20 - When this comes into play, take 5 characters from your trash pile and put them on the bottom of your library in any order
-This is how you keep getting the same characters back into play after they all get trashed with hitori bocchi

Hirasawa Ui - blue 0/1 support character - When this comes into play, take a "Hirasawa Yui" card from your trash pile and put it in your hand
-You use this to get a "Hirasawa Yui" from your trash pile to pay for the Araragi Koyomi.

And lastly, any green Hirasawa Yui, to pay for the cost of Araragi Koyomi.

Here's how it goes:
- Use Mio's ability to set Sae on the point pile
(order here isn't important)
- Play Nadeko, getting back an All Alone (hitori bocchi) card from your trash pile
- Play Togame, the opponent draws a card
- Play Ui, getting a green Yui back from your trash pile
- With Araragi, put the following 5 cards on the bottom of your deck - Araragi, Nadeko, Togame, Ui, Nanami. You want the bottom card to be whatever the previous "last card" of the deck was. For example, if Togame was on the bottom of your deck before you did araragi, then put togame on the bottom and the rest in any order.
- Play Nanami. Use her ability and tap Araragi and Togame, flipping over the Sae if she's face down.

Once you've done all that, you can start the loop
- Play "Hitori Bocchi" (All Alone) targetting Mio. Nadeko, Togame, Ui, Araragi, and Nanami. Those 5 characters get trashed and you draw 5 cards. The 5 cards you draw (or rather once you get the loop set) should be the same cards you just sacrificed.
- Start from the "order doesn't matter here" spot, and play those same cards back out. The result is that the opponent will draw a card from the togame. You repeat this loop until the opponent has no cards in their deck.

After watching one of these decks in action, I'm very glad they banned those cards. This deck ruins the way to play the game, in my opinion, and it's just not fun to watch or play against. It's one player taking a very long time with their turn, while the other player has to just sit there and watch the opponent do stuff.

The downside to the deck is that obviously you need all those cards to be able to pull off the infinite, but banning the cards that shuffle your hand back, or allow you draw a large amount of cards, as well as banning the "hitori bocchi"(All Alone) shows that the creators are looking mainly to stop this specific style of deck.

Hope you enjoyed the read!

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