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FAQ part 2

This part of the FAQ covers K-ON! (part 2) and Hidamari sketch. Again, straight from the source:

Q: Can I use 02-055 "Nakano Azusa"'s (yellow 2/2 character 20/20: 0:Look at the top card of your deck. If it was an event, then this card gets +30/+30 until the end of the turn. If it was a non-event card, then this card untaps. Use this ability only once a turn." ability while she's tapped?
A: Yes, you can.

Q: If you use 02-118 "Yokodori" (yellow 0/2 event, main/jibun: take a support card that's attached to one of your characters and move it to another character.) can you set a "Giita" on a non "Hirasawa Yui" character?
A: No, you cannot.

Q: Can you use 02-006 "Hirasawa Ui" (red 1/2 character 10/20, if there's no "Hirasawa Yui" cards in play on your field, then this card counts as a "Hirasawa Yui") to pay for a Yui/Azusa combi card?
A: No, you cannot. The effect on the card only takes place once the card is on the field.

Q: If i play 02-104 "Ishou Erabu (Picking out costumes)" (blue 1/1 event, main/jibun - Return a character from the field into your hand. Then put a character with the same name into play.) on a Hirasawa Yui character, can I put out a Hirasawa Yui/Nakano Azusa combi card?
A: Yes, since the combi counts as both a Hirasawa Yui and a Nakano Azusa, you can put it into play as a Hirasawa Yui.

Q: If I use 01-013 Hirasawa Yui (Red 3/2 character 30/30 - If you play a "Fuwafuwa Time" card this turn, this character takes 2 points if she hits the opponent instead of just one.), play out Fuwafuwa time, attack, and then use Mou Ikkai! (Once more!) (red 4/1 event, approach jibun. You must control 3 or more gakuensai characters to use this card. One of your characters untaps and can attack again this turn), do you deal 2 points or 1 point if the Yui hits the opponent.
A: You deal 2 points, because it's still the same turn that you used "Fuwafuwa time" on.

Q: If I attack with 02-045 "Tainaka Ritsu" (Yellow 4/1 character 40/30 - If an opponent's character gets trashed from this card during approach, you may tap one of the opponent's character's), and this card and the blocking character both get trashed, does the effect still go through?
A: Yes, it does.

Q: Can I play Nakayoshi Shimai (Close and Friendly Sisters) and pick only 02-049 "Hirasawa Yui and Hirasawa Ui" for both the Yui and the Ui?
A: Yes, you can. The conbi will get +40/+40.

Q: If I have a 02-015 "Hirasawa Yui" in play (Red 3/2 character 30/30. Whenever you play an event, this character gets +10/+10 until the end of the turn), and I play an event, but my opponent plays Kyohi Hannou (nullify an event card), does the Hirasawa Yui still get the bonus?
A: No, she doesn't.

Q: If I play Ishou Erabu (picking out a costume), can I take a character, and put a character in either the support or the main area?
A: Yes you can. For example, you can take a support Ui, return it to your hand, and then play out an Ui that has an AP/DP in the main area.

Q: If I play 01-004 "Yuno" (Red 2/2 character 20/20. When this character comes into play, reveal the top card of your deck. If that card is a "megane" character, then put it in your hand.) and it's NOT a "megane" character, then what happens to the card?
A: You put it back on the top of your deck.

Q: With 01-033 "Sae" (Yellow 3/2 character 30/20. Whenever a "jersey" character you control hits the opponent for a point, you can return one of your jersey characters to your hand.), does this refer to a jersey character in your trash pile?
A: No, it refers to one of your "jersey" characters in play on the field.

Q: With 01-095 "Kuishinbou (glutton)" (Yellow 0/1 event. Main/Jibun: Choose one support card and trash it. One "Miyako" you control gets +30/+30 until the end of the turn.), can you trash one of the opponent's support cards?
A: Yes, you can.

Q: Can you set a 01-119 "Batten" (Red 0/2 support. The character that this is attached to gets -10/-10 and tennen 2) on one of the opponent's characters?
A: No, you may not. You can only set support cards on your own characters.

Q: If I attack with 01-082 "Nori" (Blue 4/1 character 40/30. When this character attacks, the opponent taps one of their characters), can my opponent tap a character in their support area?
A: Yes, they can.

Q: If I attack with 01-071 "Yuno" (Blue 3/2 character 20/30. If you have 5 or more mizugi characters, then when this card attacks, all non-mizugi characters get -10/-10 until the end of the turn) affect characters that come into play that turn after Yuno attacks?
A: No, it doesn't.

Q: If I play 01-085 "Kikai ONCHI" (Red 0/2 event. Main/Both: Both players shuffle their decks. At the end of the turn, draw a card), do both players draw a card?
A: No, just the player who played the card.

Q: If I have a 01-058 "Yoshinoya-sensei" (green 2/2 character 20/10. If a "cosplay" character aside from this character is played this turn, draw a card at the end of the turn."), do I draw a card if my opponent plays a "cosplay" character?
A: Yes, you do.

Q: Can I play 01-112 "Shiawase ippai (Full of happiness)" (blue 0/1 event, main/opponent, At the end of the turn, each player draws cards until they have 3 cards in their hand) if my opponent has more than 3 cards in their hand?
A: Yes, you can.

Q: Can I play cards like 01-125 Nori (Red 2/2 character 40/30. When this character comes into play, the opponent takes a character from their trash pile and puts it in their hand) or 01-126 Nazuna (Red 2/2 character 30/40. When this character comes into play, take one of the opponent's points in the point pile, and trash it) if they can't do their abilities when it comes into play?
A: Yes, you can still play them even if the opponent has no character cards in their trash pile, or if they have no points in their point pile.

Q: If I have a 30/30 Miyako, and I use 01-097 "Chainsaw" (yellow 2/2 event. main/jibun: One of your "Miyako" characters get +20/+20 until the end of the turn and active) to make it a 50/50, and then I use 01-128 "Ume-sensei"'s power (red 2/1 character 0/0. Main/jibun: Choose one of your hidamari sketch characters with an AP/DP. This character has the same AP/DP as that character until the end of the turn.), what will Ume-sensei's AP/DP become?
A: It will be whatever the current AP/DP is at the time of copying, so it will become a 50/50.

Q: If my opponent is attacking, I block and they play Camouflage (green 2/2 event. Approach/both: Target character's AP/DP becomes 30/30 until the end of the turn), and then they play "Akazu no 203 goushitsu (Don't open room 203) (red 0/1 event. Approach/jibun: You can only play this card if you have 4 or more characters. One of your characters gets +0/+20 until the end of the turn", what will the DP of their character be?
A: It will become a 30/30 with Camouflage, then it will get +0/+20 and become a 30/50.

Q: If you have more than 3 characters out with a 01-009 "Nori" in play (Red 3/2 character 20/10. If you have 3 or more characters in play, this character gets +20/+20) and you play Camouflage, does this character become a 30/30?
A: No, the character's AP/DP becomes 30/30, and then the +20/+20 passive ability goes into effect, making it a 50/50.


OK that's all for now! Next up is Bakemono/Katanagatari!

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